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  1. Melanie Hunt says:

    Looking for some tips to better manage ‘device time’ and gaming with our 3 boys (ages 10, 12, 17)!

  2. Mary Hollister says:

    I have a son who never successfully grew into adult responsibilities.
    He graduated from college with a degree in computers and had a 6 figure job for about 6 months.
    Even though his dad and I encouraged him not to quit, he quit anyway.
    He never returned to work and it’s been years. He games full time. Irratic sleep patterns. Never leaves the apartment.
    He is pale. No friends. Has withdrawn from the world. Any attempts to help or change are met with swift anger.
    He is no longer speaking to his father or family. No alcohol or drugs or smoking at all. Just gaming. How can I help him?

  3. Thorsten Bolliger says:


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  4. Jacob Wong says:

    Hi Ben, Good morning. This is Jacob. I attended your great talk at Anglican Good Shepherd Church Richmond regarding gaming disorder. In fact, my son, Keith aged 14, is suffering from autism spectrum disorder and a formal report had been made by Dr Ruth Wingerin ( Oakridge Paediatrician) . The report can be submitted to you upon request. Keith is addicted to online gaming. So, would you make an appointment with us at your earliest convenience? I am looking forward to receiving your reply. Best Regards, Jacob Wong

  5. Blake Jensen says:

    Please contact me at 604-839-1072

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