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Do I work with parents of younger children?

Most who inquire about my services do so because of problematic use of screen technologies in youth, i.e. teenagers ages 13 to early twenties. Reasonably so because this is the period when the developing teen faces the demands of sound decision-making and planning in order to successfully enter adulthood.

However, it is never too early to seek education and support! I often work with families struggling with mental health, behavioral and learning challenges in their tweens (ages 7 to 12; i.e. elementary school age kids).

Remember, we live on arguably the most technophilic (technology loving) continent in this increasingly technophilic world in an unprecedentedly technophilic age in human history. It is only responsible for parents to take leadership in instilling values that safeguard children from the negative effects that screen technologies bring into their lives.

Please call and chat about this. Partner with me to simplify our daily living without getting inundated with everything too much, too quickly, and in an irrelevant manner. Do it today!

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